Avon Angle uses a simple and classic material palette of brick, metal and glass to provide a new kitchen and dining space. The large three storey Victorian house allowed for a generously sized rear extension to be built, whilst still being subservient to the host building.

The London stock bricks were chosen to be subtly different from the existing so as to differentiate the extension from, yet complement the Italianate-style-semi detached house. Stacker bond brick piers carry brickwork over the fully glazed rear elevation at an angle which follows the pitched standing seam zinc roof.

The aluminium framed crittall style windows and large rooflight maximise daylight to the north facing rooms. The horizontal transoms align and run across the glazing on three sides of the extension. A new staircase connects the hallway to the extension, so that the kitchen and dining room have a level threshold with the garden.

Internally, a sophisticated colour palette couples exposed brickwork and timber floors with dark grey fronts and white worktops of a traditional shaker-style kitchen. Elsewhere in the property, muted colours were selected for the bathroom and utility room.






Photograph Credit: BenBlossom