Gruff have designed versatile office furniture that aims to act as an affordable, durable and functional alternative to standard furniture within an office environment.

The design, complimenting an uncluttered studio, seamlessly combines the affordability and flexibility of CNC fabrication with the tactile features of lino-vaneered table tops. Gruff wanted to create a range of furniture that offers the ease of self-assembly with the possibility for personalisation, utilising machining as a quick and adaptable fabrication technique that also reduces the cost and difficulty of delivery.

Dragonfly7.jpegDragonfly1.jpegSoft and tactile materials were chosen to create a warm and neutral addition to the office fit-out. The visible grain of the laminated layers on the side of the table top ties in the CNC-cut birch-faced plywood legs. Furniture linoleum was used as the primary work surface for the desks and meeting table, creating a durable and clean finish.

The desks are functional, wiping clean with ease and resistant to small, everyday scratches. Having design industries in mind, the neutral colour and flat surface means that focus can be given to the colours, textures and materiality of the materials, products and components utilised within projects by the office. The matt finish omits reflections of light, preventing glare. It also offers cushioning for computer use and works for a great drawing surface.