Competition Entry in collaboration with Matthew Springett Architects - MSA-GRUFF

In order to supplement and enhance the existing pathways and routes throughout the site we propose to create three small playful scale installations, taking the form of individually crafted ‘benches’, which punctuate the journey to draw people further into the reserve, exploring and understanding their surroundings in new ways. Our expectation is that these will be engaging to a wide range of visitor including families; kids; birdwatchers; dog walkers; the elderly and individuals.

Birds; small mammals; insects and a wide variety of wildlife engage with the landscape in many unique ways whether that be from up-high or down-low, buried beneath the surface of the marsh. We want to provide a new means for visitors to engage with the landscape from these alternative perspectives and have created three ‘pauses’ along their journey within the reserve called Earth; Water and Air.



A sunken seating area enabling views penetrating into the earth and skimming across its surface. The fertile mud and below-ground of the marsh landscape, which supports the visiting birds, is revealed to the unaware.

Constructed of a mixture of pre-cast seating elements and compacted earth which reveals the strata of the ground build-up, unique to the area.IMG_0947.jpg


IMG_1010.jpgAn intimate connection to the water managed landscape takes the form of a bridging element with an encouragement to sit and interact with the water surface beyond: poking; playing and teasing out that which lies beneath.


Vertical and long views are explored from both:a reclining position via inset framing devices: and accompanied by a periscope, peering up and over the dyke exploring views out-to-sea.IMG_1032.jpg