The emphasis here is on establishing a relationship with the wider environment, where the visitor centre is seen as a single point on a greater journey through the landscape rather than solely a destination in itself. Drawing upon the wide and expansive views the fens provide, this scheme sees the visitor centre as a tool to establish a relationship to the land and add structure to this environment, through a series of framed views.

The scheme can be read as a composition of three key elements; building (block), path and roof.

A cluster of independent buildings house the visitor centre and its activities, whilst the spaces between them begin to form the ‘frames’ to the views beyond. Each block is then connected by a series of raised walkways, grounding these views, whilst providing access to and between one another. Extending past the building threshold, the pathways also begin to reinforce the relationship between the visitor centre and the fens beyond. This cluster of buildings and walkways are linked by a faceted roof profile which forms a ‘top’ to each framed view and transforms the grouped buildings into a whole - a frame within itself, linking ground, building and sky.