Masala Wala Cafe, approached us to redesign their dated and inefficient shop front. Having moved into the premises as a pop-up, they have grown to become a popular and permanent fixture to the local community and streetscape.

The proposal, respectful of its location in The Brockley Conservation area, utilises traditional design with complimentary contemporary graphics to make a positive impact on the streetscape. By installing timber bi-fold windows, a significant portion of the frontage can be opened up to allow customers to sit along the threshold both internally and externally, whilst creating a pleasant environment for the restaurant as a whole.

During the winter, the table spanning the window acts as internal bench seating with views looking out, whereas in the summer the windows open to allow this to be utilised as another, full width table. The restaurant’s graphics wrap around the new door and windows and the canvas awning is coloured to match and shelters extra seating on the pavement. Coupled with illuminated signage, the new shopfront contributes to more a vibrant and lively environment along this stretch of Brockley Cross.