Ply in the Sky

Ply in the Sky is a playful project, pushing the boundaries of materiality and planning legislation in London. Adding a bedroom and en suite through the construction of a full width dormer, the proposal also saw the refurbishment of an existing bathroom, updating the house to create a functional family home.

Internally a select palette of complementary materials has been purposefully chosen. As a recurring element, plywood acts as a thread, connecting the spaces together. In the master bedroom, stained plywood sheets occupy the walls and form cupboard doors. A feature plywood staircase acts as a modest accent to the house, connecting the existing floors with the new extension.


Ply in the SkyGridLoft_5.jpg

Rather than specifying standard-format clay hung tiles, large format modern alternatives were utilised, reworking a traditional material seen commonly on dormer constructions. Frequently employed in commercial developments, the grey tiles are stacked in a continuous grid, incorporating the aluminium framed windows and reveals to create a clean external envelope.

The existing stair has been updated with plywood banisters and handrails running down throughout the whole house to the ground floor. In the two bathrooms, green square-format tiles and laminated plywood have been used to add colour and maximise space.




Photo Credit: Emma Carter