Stratford Kiosks

COMPETITION SUBMISSION - In the run up to the Olympics, Meridian Square will be transformed from an open and somewhat disjointed public transitory space into a public square bordered on all sides by a series of distinct architectural statements.

The kiosk site occupies a key corner of the Square, funneling pedestrians in and out of Stratford Station. The kiosk will join the secure line screening the open expanse of idling buses waiting to pick up their passengers.

The design of the building is based on a ‘lark’s foot’, a type of knot which is commonly used to bind two flat tapes. The folded ‘knot-form’ expresses itself as a tapered roof which simultaneously addresses the station facade and the public square, leading to the grand staircase and Stratford centre beyond. Hunkered below the perforated folded metal roof are a variety of uses which are inserted within the timber frames and can change as requirements evolve from the Olympics and beyond.

The ‘folded tape’ terminates in an upturned plane which acts as both an orientating landmark and signage board. During the Olympic period a wealth of information can be displayed here and it can then revert to a public clock post-Olympics to replace the displaced timepiece of the current masterplan.

The east wing offers the opportunity for covered open-air performance on its raised platform, with a perfect aspect to the tiered ‘natural’ amphitheater of the grand staircase. The west wing is designed to have open or enclosed exhibits and can easily be subdivided to provide a series of small kiosk spaces - from small food vendors; newsagents to key-cutters. At the central hub, two disabled unisex toilet cubicles have been incorporated to supplement local provision and are intended to be in-situ from the outset.

Stratford Kiosk folding

Stratford KiosksStratford Kiosks